January 2008

It’s been great to have a greenhouse. This is our first season with it and we are harvesting tomatoes, corgettes and cucumbers each day.



Good to be home from holiday, and exciting to see what has grown while we are away (tomatoes coming on so well in the hothouse – first year of having one, and I can see it is going to be great to use!)

summer is in full swing, and the limitations (and successes) of my planing and cultivation of the vege garden is now becoming more visible – great tomatoes both in the hot house and in the open garden, corn doing well, yet more rhubarb, continuing strawberries…BUT dismal peas and beans. Not sure what is happening there but am inclined to think it is either the goat poo (too strong) or the birds pulling out all the seeds…

Other stuff maturing fast – onions now beginning to ripen off – great to have several varieties to choose from. But onions that I had planted for seed saving have got some rot, and only about 3 out 60 plants are flowering successfully (some had begun to flower but are now falling over before they mature). Makes me realise how fragile are the efforts to keep seeds going from year to year…how much there is to learn to contribute even a little bit to food biodiversity efforts.

Now needing to think through rotations on the new areas, as I prepare for the autumn plantings.

But also realising how much there is to learn – especially around planing to get fresh food available all year. What to plant when to ensure there is something to pick right through autumn and winter and spring…Have planted seeds of various broccoli and cauliflower but not at all sure when each will mature.

I have just got back from holiday. Some snaps of the garden. Plenty of work to do, but great to have good growth while we were away.The garden looking toward our house and shed

Let’s try this way of sharing some news and images from our developing orchard and garden.