The weekend has been productive, even if each of us was a little under par. B did major clean up in the garden clearing corn and pumpkin growth to make way for new plantings.  I got a much awaited large bin built to take invasive or diseased plant material not suitable for the compost, sprayed out the remaining walnut lines, mowed a couple of the walnut blocks and sawed up fallen shelter trees with brother-in-law for firewood. Barbara has done a full audit of the shelter trees so we can order and replant where trees have failed or are not thriving.

Our shelter planting is mainly eucalyptus species alternating with Italian Alders, and the Alders are not competing well with the euchs, so decisions need to be made.   Issues include how long to tolerate eucalyptus trees that are so vigorous that they out compete their neighbours and will eventually compete with the walnut crop.   Time for advice.